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the 2015 Program!

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The participants and invited
speakers were world-class
experts in their field. Their varied
perspectives changed how I think
about my responsibility in the
field and to the public.

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LEAP was a dedicated time
to think and to plan a
strategy that can direct my
research toward the public
benefit by embracing
responsibility as a leader.

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I feel as if my career
trajectory has undergone a
major shift in a positive
direction. How to act as an
effective leader seems much
more palpable.

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Excellence in
Biotechnology Leadership

Catalyzing a community of emerging leaders in synthetic biology to create bold new visions and strategies for developing biotechnology in the public interest.

The Leadership Excellence Accelerator Program (LEAP) provides Fellows with mentorship, practical skills and a sustaining network to help them guide a socially responsible future for synthetic biology.

Join us to learn more about how the LEAP initiative is helping to foster the next leaders in synthetic biology.


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